Want to know more about us? 

Read over the information below to get an understanding of how we manage property….


  • Maintenance – vendor management and traditional upkeep of property
  • Tenant Management – we work with our tenants to ensure they are satisfied
  • Recruiting – we have a system that is effective in finding the right candidates
  • Screening – background checks, criminal checks, credit checks etc.
  • Contracting – sometimes there are special situations, we have a contract for that
  • Rent collection/payment – tenant pays rent, we subtract expenses, owners get paid
  • Termination / eviction – nobody likes to do it, but we get it done
  • Trust Account Management – closely monitored and complete transparency


  • No owner fees until signed lease – it is our motivation to get your property rented
  • Half of first month’s rent – finding the right person takes precision work
  • 10% of each month’s rent – industry standard property maintenance fees


  • Discounts on sales to our clients *
  • Referrals are how we continue to grow, just ask us
* Any offered discounts are handled at closing, based upon agent commission after brokerage fees
 All processes are subject to the conditions of the Fair Housing Act and governed by Washington State Law.

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